Local Councils

Councils need to twist, being socially aware, yet commercially awake daily, in harmony with the community they serve.

More than three posts in different departments

Council staff are an incestuous lot with many going from one council to another sometimes for less hours and more wages.

Are jobs truly filled by the correctly trained people?

Don’t get this wrong: majority of council officers and staff are dedicated, amazingly good people, in a backdrop of disorder, their hands are tied by incompetent outdated rules and a few selfish pickheaded people.

People often moan about "The Council" often it's not the whole council but individuals. Much like the banking crisis it was only a few that did wrong! 

How many council staff have been caught stealing: That's your taxes! 

"Are councils the owners of local assets or guardians in time on behalf of the people?"

What does it mean, creating tomorrow’s park today?

"With less open spaces, communities are starting to utilise local parks in ways never seen before, this movement of park groups have been quietly creating much needed communities around the parks."

Councils up and down the country do not have a plan in place

Councils up and down the country are trying to put plans in place, very much on a backtracking basis, however no one has asked the locals what they want from their parks.

The relationship between council and community has historically been one of a secretive nature, which has had a dire detrimental effect to the very fabric of life far more that realised.

The symbiotic relationship between Council officers, councillors, legislation, and central government does not include the very people they are trying to serve. 

Within councils, we are aware of bullying, private “locked” payments, staff stealing, then moved because it was easier, and likely now working for another authority.

It's not about social action, it's social discussion and finding ways to make things better for everyone.

Parks make a great starting point, they are non contentious spaces for everyone. Local people do want to take responsibility for their areas. What they want, Injecting their own local imagination.


Presently, the council runs parks! This does not work for a myriad of reasons. The third alternative require the councils thinking towards parks.

"This change would see parks, the council, and residents in partnership in a transparent new loving relationship"

A revamped framework would, reduce costs and waste, increase the councils spend, build better communities, and allow flexibility.

Opening discussions unconventionally.