Opening discussions unconventionally.

We are all community

We are all the same, we are all related and we all want to live our lives, however as the world gets smaller and we see injustice across the globe it is difficult to not get involved, whether physical...
Councils need to twist, being socially aware, yet commercially awake daily, in harmony with the community they serve. More than three posts in different departments Council staff are an incestuous lot...
Disclaimer: The shadow is a depiction of the imagination.
As the world grows smaller, businesses grows bigger, resources will become more expensive, which is fine, if your buying a Gucci bag, but not ok if water starts costing the same as a Gucci bag.
What is this website about? We are a specialist action team that works silently addressing issues in society that need corrected.
Welcome if you have been sent to this page, it serves as both a focusing tool and as a warm up to show how really upset you have made other people, in the belief that your actions are beyond scrutiny,...
We are all equal, share the air, but some are unfair, together we can do so much, alone we can do so little.